The City of West Sacramento is currently under a Stage 1 Water Shortage

Posted By on May 24, 2022

Please see the below recommendations for details on helpful actions.

  • Take a look at your current sprinkler schedule. Consider removing one or two days; and make sure the runtimes are less than 15 minutes per start, for lawns. If you want more time, use the cycle-and-soak method of adding a start time. Too much water at once creates runoff.
  • Schedule your irrigation for the early morning to reduce evaporation
  • Prevent landscape watering during rainfall
  • Fix leaks and faulty sprinklers promptly
  • Sweep your sidewalks and driveways instead of using a hose
  • Check your toilet for a leak. This may seem small, but toilet leaks can add up! 
  • Wash only full loads of clothes
  • Use the dishwasher only after it is full
  • Water fountains must have a recirculating pump, and be leak-proof


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