State Mandated Water Restrictions, What Does This Mean?

Posted By on September 27, 2022

The Governor has issued a state of emergency drought mandate which means the HOA’s cannot enforce/fine owners for missing landscaping (example: street trees), letting landscape deteriorate, or require owners to water. The HOA can only require routine maintenance which is mowing, weeding, edging, and trimming shrubs. The HOA can require owners remove any dead landscaping, but not replace at this time until the drought is lifted, unless further restrictions are put in place on HOA’s.

In addition, the State has moved forward with banning the irrigation of non-functional-turf in the commercial, institutional and industrial sector which applies to HOA’s. What does this mean for the association’s common areas?

  • Non-functional-turf is grass that is not used for recreation (lunch, picnics, events), and is not on the same zone as bushes or trees. This does not apply to the parks.
  • If there is a section of the HOA’s landscape that is purely decorative grass, the State is asking HOA’s not to water them during the Stage 2 Water Shortage.


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