Over 40 acres with walking paths, a playground, volleyball court, ponds with fountains and water features, and more

Living in The Rivers affords residents lots of open space, including beautifully maintained private parks.

Two private parks

The large park has a playground, volleyball court, walking paths, a large pond with a fountain, benches, an observation deck over the pond, and shady areas among beautiful trees to roam.

The smaller park includes a beautiful walking path, a pond, gorgeous trees, and an intimate landscape.

Both parks offer meditative spaces to walk among trees and spacious grassy areas.

Homeowners along the private parks enjoy waking up to a beautifully maintained landscape at their back door. Waterfowl and various wildlife can be seen roaming the park grounds and ponds, including geese, ducks, the occasional beaver and foxes, raccoons, herons, and other wild creatures.

Two beautiful pools

A lap pool with marked swim lanes, and a second pool for all residents to use.

A Clubhouse is available to rent for events

Join your neighbors for organized social events throughout the year.
There is also a fitness boot camp held at the Clubhouse in the early mornings a few days a week.

Beautifully landscaped gated community

The gated community offers a serene environment for all residents to enjoy walking, jogging, bike rides, fun in the private parks, and neighborhood socializing, as well as peaceful surroundings conducive to relaxation.


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