Manager’s Messages

Christmas Tree Recycling

Happy New Year! Below are four options to recycle your tree in West Sacramento. Please remove the tinsel, lights, stand and ornaments before recycling your tree. 

  • Recycle your tree curbside by placing it next to your organics cart on the regular service day, December 26th through January 22nd. Trees must be cut into lengths no longer than 5 feet. You may also cut your tree into smaller sections and place the pieces inside your organics cart.
  • Have the Cub Scouts recycle it for you. Pack 49 is offering pickup services for donations, December 28th through January 5th. To schedule, email: with your name, address and preferred pick-up date & time.
  • Take it to the Yolo County Central Landfill for free tree recycling daily, December 26th through January 15th, excluding New Year’s Day when the landfill is closed.
  • Drop it off at Waste Management’s free Christmas Tree recycling bin located on the vacant lot at 1731 and 1801 West Capitol Ave, daily from 7am to 3pm, December 26th through January 9th, excluding New Year’s Day.

Santa Run

The West Sacramento Fire Department, in conjunction with the West Sacramento Firefighters’ Association, is preparing for the annual “Santa Run” through West Sacramento. With the help of many off-duty firefighter “elves,” Santa will be riding through various neighborhoods on an elaborately decorated fire truck “sleigh” and handing out candy canes purchased and donated by the West Sacramento Firefighters’ Association. Additionally, Santa will have a pickup truck following his “sleigh” with helpers collecting any canned food donations for the needy.

This year the Santa Run is scheduled for six nights beginning at 6:00 PM each night. If it rains on a scheduled night they will try to make it up the next week. Santa will be in the following areas on these dates:

Monday, December 5th Broderick and Bryte area, on the following streets: Fremont, Douglas, Andrew, Sixth, Cummins, Anna, Kegle, Carrie, Lisbon, North Hobson, and Fourness.
Tuesday, December 6th North Business 80, on the following streets: Pine, Palomar, Marigold, Doran, Garnet, Greenmeadow, Evergreen, Sycamore, Buckeye, Poplar, Willow, Madrone, Rockrose, Westacre, Chaparral, Lilac, Michigan, Maple, Walnut, and Holly
Wednesday, December 7th Old West Sacramento, on the following streets: Deerwood, Lakewood, Fernwood, Sonora, Haverhill, Meadow, Webster, Virginia, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland.
Thursday, December 8th Southport South West, on the following streets: Independence, Lagoon, Meadowlark, Starling, Sandpiper, Pheasant Hollow, Duet, Constitution, Summerfield, Jacquelyn, Janet, Betty, Shirley, Leslie, Diane, Brenda, Kathy, Nancy, Violet, Mareca, Teal, Canvasback, Pitzer, and Allen.
Friday, December 9th Southport North East, on the following streets: Kinsington, Aster, Manchester, Gateway, Sausalito, Sansome, Hearst, Randolph, Mojave, Merced, Rubicon, Ironwood, Spruce, Redwood, Alder, Limewood, Almond, Peppertree, Peachtree.
Monday, December 12th Southport West (Bridgeway Island), on the following streets: Cayman Island, St. John, Martinique, St. Croix, Haiti, Swan Island, Suisun Bay, Ryer Island, Catalina Island, Santa Cruz, Half Moon Bay, Cooper Island, Fiji Island, Bowen Island, Solomon Island, Stuart Island, Graham Island, San Salvador, Abaco, Bridgeway Lakes, Henshaw, Eagle, Lewiston, Tahoe, and Coyote.

Please understand that Santa cannot get to every street. Santa’s route will not include trailer parks, courts or dead-end streets. For further information, please call (916) 617-4600.

State Mandated Water Restrictions, What Does This Mean?

The Governor has issued a state of emergency drought mandate which means the HOA’s cannot enforce/fine owners for missing landscaping (example: street trees), letting landscape deteriorate, or require owners to water. The HOA can only require routine maintenance which is mowing, weeding, edging, and trimming shrubs. The HOA can require owners remove any dead landscaping, but not replace at this time until the drought is lifted, unless further restrictions are put in place on HOA’s.

In addition, the State has moved forward with banning the irrigation of non-functional-turf in the commercial, institutional and industrial sector which applies to HOA’s. What does this mean for the association’s common areas?

  • Non-functional-turf is grass that is not used for recreation (lunch, picnics, events), and is not on the same zone as bushes or trees. This does not apply to the parks.
  • If there is a section of the HOA’s landscape that is purely decorative grass, the State is asking HOA’s not to water them during the Stage 2 Water Shortage.

Stage 2 Water Shortage-Help Save Up to 20% of Water Use

With the Stage 2 water shortage there are new State and City restrictions. All residents will need to adhere to the the following watering schedule:

Voluntary Actions to Save Water 

  • Reduce your irrigation runtimes to prevent runoff
  • Prevent landscape watering during rainfall
  • Wash only full loads of clothes
  • Use the dishwasher only after it is full
  • Water fountains must have a recirculating pump, and be leak-proof

The City of West Sacramento is currently under a Stage 1 Water Shortage

Please see the below recommendations for details on helpful actions.

  • Take a look at your current sprinkler schedule. Consider removing one or two days; and make sure the runtimes are less than 15 minutes per start, for lawns. If you want more time, use the cycle-and-soak method of adding a start time. Too much water at once creates runoff.
  • Schedule your irrigation for the early morning to reduce evaporation
  • Prevent landscape watering during rainfall
  • Fix leaks and faulty sprinklers promptly
  • Sweep your sidewalks and driveways instead of using a hose
  • Check your toilet for a leak. This may seem small, but toilet leaks can add up! 
  • Wash only full loads of clothes
  • Use the dishwasher only after it is full
  • Water fountains must have a recirculating pump, and be leak-proof


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