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New Roots-Kechenu Garden Meeting

Now enrolling gardeners!

If you would like to get involved and learn more about how you can have a garden plot, please attend our first community meeting. All are welcome!

When:            Tuesday, January 8, 2019 from 6-7pm

Where:           The Rivers Community Clubhouse

                          808 Lighthouse Drive

                          West Sacramento, CA 95605

About the garden: The International Rescue Committee operates this new community garden as part of its mission to resettle and integrate international refugees in the United States. A community garden can serve as a therapeutic space for people to work with their hands and bodies, talk and meet with people, and learn new skills. It also provides gardeners an opportunity to grow their own produce, flowers, medicine, etc.

By offering garden plots to both IRC clients and West Sacramento community members, the IRC hopes that the Kuchenu Community Garden can provide these benefits to all.

For more information: Please e-mail with any questions.

Christmas Tree Recycling

West Sacramento has 4 options for Christmas Tree Recycling!

  • Recycle your tree curbside by placing it next to your organics cart on the regular service day, December 26th through January 22nd. Trees must be cut into lengths no longer than 5 feet. You may also cut your tree into smaller sections and place the pieces inside your organics cart.
  • Have the Cub Scouts recycle it for you. Pack 49 is offering pickup services for donations, December 29th through January 5th. To schedule, email: with your name, address and preferred pick-up date & time.
  • Take it to the Yolo County Central Landfill for free tree recycling daily, December 26th through January 15th, excluding New Year’s Day when the landfill is closed.
  • Drop it off at Waste Management ‘s free Christmas Tree recycling bin located on the vacant lot at 1731 and 1801 W Capitol Ave, daily from 7am to 3pm, December 26th through January 9th, excluding New Year’s Day.

Please remove any tinsel, lights, stand and ornaments before recycling your tree. For more information please visit

Non-Standard Vehicles

Non-Standard Vehicles (RV’s, Boats, Trailers, etc.)
Management has been receiving numerous reports on nonstandard vehicles within the community. If you are unaware of the Community Rules an electronic copy is available on your homeowner portal at, under Governing Documents and a brief description of the Nonstandard vehicle rule has also been included for your reference below.

1. The placement, parking or maintenance of mobile homes, trucks, commercial vehicles, campers, boats, boat trailers, vehicles exceeding an exterior length of two hundred twenty-five (225) inches, vehicles exceeding three (3) tons in weight, or similar vehicles is prohibited, except:

a) within enclosed garages or areas screened from adjoining Lots and streets. The term “screened” means being enclosed up to the height allowed for fences and walls but no lower than six (6) feet in height. No screening device may be installed unless it has first been approved by the Design Review Committee.

b) where required temporarily for the construction, repair, refinishing, or maintenance of any part of The Rivers;

c) for moving furnishings, equipment, or supplies into or out of The Rivers.

d) light pickup trucks and vans which fit into a standard garage space, which do not contain exterior racks and storage of a commercial type, do not contain commercial signs, which are used for personal use and not for commercial purposes.

e) any Owner or occupant wishing to load or unload mobile home(s), motor home(s), truck(s), trailer(s), commercial vehicle(s), camper(s), or similar non-standard vehicle(s) may do so for a maximum of twelve (12) hours and up to six (6) times per year. The vehicle(s) must not be parked in a way that would hinder the traffic of neighbors, Guests, or others wishing to drive through the streets within The Rivers.

f) any Owner or occupant wishing to load or unload boat(s) or similar non-standard vehicle(s) may do so for a maximum of two (2) hours. Overnight parking is prohibited. The vehicle(s) must not be parked in a way that would hinder the traffic of neighbors, Guests or others wishing to drive through the streets within The Rivers.

If you have any questions in regards to the rules of the community please do not hesitate to contact Action Property Management at 800.400.2284.

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Action Property Management is excited to begin this relationship with ASSOCIATION and its homeowners.

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