How many homes are in the HOA?

There are currently 433 units in The Rivers Community Association, with more homes being built that will be annexed into the Association.

How do I obtain my mailbox keys?

Mailbox keys for the residential “cluster” mailboxes are obtained from the local postal office at 900 Sacramento Avenue, West Sacramento, CA 95605. For homeowners or renters, the postal office will generally require a copy of the grant deed or tenant lease agreement and photo ID before a mailbox key may be provided.

Who do I contact about questions or concerns with the HOA?

Contact our property management company: Action Property Management. Please contact our management team’s Community Care Department at 800-400-2284 or via email at communitycare@actionlife.com for assistance.

Is The Rivers a Gated Community?

Part of it is. The Rivers Community Association is a single homeowners association comprised of homes inside a gated section as well as homes outside the gated section. About half of the homes in the Rivers Community Association (HOA) are in a gated portion of the community, and half are outside the gate. Of the 433 units thus far annexed into the Association, there are 285 units located inside the gated community (which includes approximately 250 built homes, plus lots yet to be developed). The gated portion of the community is not in a separate HOA, and it is not financially self-sustaining. It is a part of our entire Association, and its maintenance is subsidized by the entire Association, including all homeowners outside the gate, all contributing to maintain the entire Rivers community. All Association members have access to the gated portion of the community and all of its amenities; Association members have access to all amenities and parks and common areas in The Rivers Community Association.

Which homes are in The Rivers Community Association/HOA?

  • 250 homes inside a gated community, plus 35 lots to be developed
  • 58 condos in the Regatta condominiums
  • 35 homes on Lighthouse Drive
  • 53 homes on Watercolor and Watercourse Lanes
  • 200 new homes being built by Century Communities in the newest phase of The Rivers Community Association that will be annexed into the Association. Some homes have been completed, and some are currently being constructed.

What is the Dues Structure? How Much are the HOA Dues?

All homeowners in the Rivers Community Association pay the same monthly master assessment (“dues”): Homeowners outside the gated community pay the same as those inside the gated community. There is not a tiered dues structure. Every homeowner contributes the same monthly dues amount which pays for the maintenance of essentially everything in the Association, including the private parks, pools, landscaping in the gated community, landscaping on Fountain Drive and Lighthouse Drive and at the vehicle entry gates, and all of the purchases and amenities within The Rivers, excepting special assessments that may be levied for given situations.

Dues / Monthly Assessment and Cost Centers

Monthly Dues: Master Assessment

The current monthly master assessment for the 2023-24 fiscal year beginning on July 1, 2023 is $244.00 per unit per month.
All members of the Rivers Community Association pay this same monthly master assessment amount. Association members who live outside the gated community pay the same as those living inside the gate. Additionally, there are cost centers for street paving, park fence painting, and levee service, listed below.

Street Cost Center

Homeowners who live on private streets (i.e., streets that are not maintained by the City) pay into the Street Cost Center, which covers costs for their street paving. The funds in this account are also often used for repair and maintenance of the vehicle entry and exit gates for the gated community, and other expenses at the vehicle entry gates.

Homes that pay into the Street Cost Center for The Rivers are:

  • All homes inside the Gated Community
  • Watercolor and Watercourse Lane homes (53 homes outside the gate)

Current monthly assessments for the Street Cost Center are: $56 per unit per month.
Gated community homeowners and Watercolor and Watercourse Lane homeowners (outside the gated community) all pay the same amount into this cost center. Since 2005, Watercolor and Watercourse Lane homeowners have subsidized the maintenance and repair of the vehicle entry and exit gates into the gated community. Essentially, anything that is paid for using this cost center is paid for by homeowners in the gated community and the 53 homes outside the gate on Watercolor and Watercourse Lanes.

Levee Service Area Cost Center

This cost center/assessment only affects future homes to be built on the levee; original homes on River Crest Drive do not pay into this cost center. Effective July 1, 2021, per an agreement with the developer, this levee service cost center was implemented to cover expenses for future levee streambed rip rap repairs. The original levee homes in The Rivers do not pay into this cost center. This cost center is a monthly assessment for the 35 lots still owned by the developer on the levee on River Crest Drive. Homeowners of these lots will pay into the levee service area cost center.

Current monthly assessments for the Levee Service Area Cost Center are: $84.89 per unit per month.

Park Fence Cost Center

This is essentially a savings account for the homeowners who live on the parks, and which is earmarked for a portion of their fence painting. Effective July 1, 2022, this cost center was implemented for park fence painting, to be paid by homeowners who live on the private parks, so that these homeowners now pay a portion (50 percent) of the cost to paint their fences along the park.

Current monthly assessments for the Park Fence Center are: $0.15 per linear foot, per unit, per month.

How Many People Are On The HOA Board?

There are five (5) members on the Board of Directors for The Rivers Community Association.

Who Can Be on The Board?

Any qualified homeowner living in the Rivers Community Association, and in good standing with the Association, may be elected as a member on the Board of Directors. Board members serve as voluntary members on the Board, and they are elected by their fellow members and homeowners within the Association. Board terms are two (2) years. The qualifications to serve on the Board are:

  • Must be an owner in the Association for at least one year.
  • Must be current on their assessment payments.
  • Cannot have joint ownership of a property in the Association with another Board member.
  • Cannot have been convicted of a crime.

How Often Are Board Elections Held?

The Rivers Community Association Board elections are held annually. The Board members are appointed or elected at the Association’s annual meeting.

There are 5 members of the Board of Directors, with 3 Board members elected in odd-numbered years, and 2 Board members elected in even-numbered years – in other words, all 5 members’ terms don’t expire at the same time.

How the Number of Open Seats and the Election Works

  • In odd-numbered years, such as the year 2023, there are three (3) seats up for election for a 2-year term.
  • In even-numbered years, such as the year 2024, there are two (2) seats up for election for a 2-year term.

What do I need to know if I plan to rent my home?

Screening tenants before rental is essential, because the tenants must abide by the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs), Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations. Non-compliance, disturbances, and disorderly conduct by tenants can result in a fine to the OWNER for their behavior. Preservation of the community, and harmony among residents, is the goal of any association. If a tenant violates this, the owner is expected to take the necessary measures to correct the situation.

Every owner should make sure that the tenant knows the Association rules and regulations. Homeowners should contact our Property Management Company to get details.

Tenants’ vehicles should be registered with the Association, which can be done through our Property Management Company.

Short-term Home Rental is Explicitly Prohibited

The Association’s CC&Rs prohibit the rental of homes for a period of less than 30 days. Using your home as a short-term rental such as via Airbnb is prohibited in The Rivers Community Association.


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